Squishy Scientific

Squishy Scientific has been a family of curious cannabis gardeners by night for years, while running a food cart and small farm CSA venture by day. In the early years, they always managed to pause their day jobs for medical harvests. Those were the times that they came together to help out and celebrate the lessons learned and the end of another run in good company. By late 2017 they decided that processing was really where they offered something new. They pulled their first water hash bags in 2012 and have tried to keep up with the technological advances of solvent-based and solventless extraction ever since.



Breadstix #5 Temple Ball Hash

[Garlic Breath x Jiffy Cake] | Terpenes: 7.1%


Chem Cookies Ice Water Hash

[Chemdog #4 x GSC]


Citrus Funk Hash

[CM1 x 9Lb Hammer] |Terpenes: 7.11%


Papaya Melonz Live Rosin

[Papaya X OZ Melon]|Terpenes: 6.58%


Sundae Driver Full Melt Hash

Sundae Driver 90-159u Full melt Hash [Fruity Pebbles x Grape Pie] | Terpenes: 12.61%


Trop Fire Breath Rosin

[Tropicanna x motorbreathe] | Terpenes:6.78%

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