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At its best, the cultivation of cannabis is a vehicle for ecological regeneration. We choose to work with farms and producers who embody this principle, who care deeply about the growing techniques, seed, and soil from which their cannabis is born. Our producers honor the natural expression and intricacies of the cannabis plant. This care and attention can be seen in the beauty of their flower and can be felt and experienced firsthand when you try them.

East Fork Cultivars

The East Fork Ranch is located in the beautiful Illinois River Valley of Southern Oregon in the small town of Takilma. East Fork organically cultivates high quality CBD cultivars at a sungrown Clean Green Certified farm. East Fork's mission is to develop and preserve sustainable, sun-grown farming methods to produce high-quality, genetically diverse, CBD-rich cannabis and craft hemp with a resolute commitment to environmental responsibility, science-based education, and social justice.


Farmer's Friend Extracts

We utilize the selective properties of co2 extraction to capture the cannabis plant’s natural terpenes & cannabinoid profile so that when you try our products they taste & feel like the strains they were extracted from.





Green Source Gardens

In order to achieve a healthy biological soil ecosystem it requires a commitment to not disturbing the communities of soil life that thrive if left undisturbed. Green Source Gardens understands the importance of polyculture gardens where diverse plant species work in collaboration with one another to achieve their highest potential as medicine. Green Source Gardens are planted with dynamic accumulators that increase aroma, vigor, potency, and overall health. Because they foster functioning ecosystems of life, no insect is a pest! They have never, and never will, use any form of pesticide on our gardens! The only thing we spray on our plants is water from their spring.





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